Oil Change In 30 Minutes

oil change

Acura by Executive has more than enough to offer its customers. Our North Haven, CT Acura dealers are proud purveyors of the latest Acura models. Not only do we help drivers find the perfect vehicle to accommodate their driving lifestyle, we also keep their automobiles running safely on the road. Whether you’d like to see our new Acura cars or would like to give your Acura TLX an oil change, visit us today.

Changing Your Oil

To understand the importance of oil, we must first know what the oil in our car is responsible for. Oil is paramount to our vehicle’s performance and our safety. It maintains and lubricates all moving components under the hood such as the pistons and valves that all move at a high rate of speed. Because these parts are constantly at work, they produce heat, which is when oil is needed to reduce friction. Oil is also responsible for eliminating debris and dirt, which causes wear and tear on our engine. With clean oil every few months, our engine and other car parts will abstain from overheating and premature wear and tear and save you gas mileage since your engine wouldn’t be working twice as hard.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

Our North Haven Acura service center is run by factory-trained mechanics passionate about customer care and the safety of drivers. Bring your 2018 Acura RDX to our shop for an oil change. We pledge to provide superior service by offering the convenience of scheduling your appointment online and expediting your service to our utmost ability. Our Acura dealers serving Milford will provide honest assessments and concise explanations of our services, equip your vehicles with quality Acura parts, and focus solely on your vehicle. Ask us about our oil change and tire alignment specials! We’ll also tell you more about our Accelerated Service, where we’ll service your vehicle in 30 minutes or less! If your car is making ominous noises or if you’re due for an oil change, come see us.

Our service technicians at 527 Washington Ave. will provide you with personalized care. We value your time and wishes and will go that extra mile to ensure you feel copacetic about your experience. If you’re hoping to save time and money on spectacular service, head into Acura by Executive and let us take expert care of you!

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