New Touchpad Technology in Acura Models

October 24th, 2018 by

We recently highlighted some of the technology features that our Acura cars have to offer here on this blog. The best part about the luxury vehicles you’ll find at Acura by Executive is that they’re always improving. The Acura brand recently showed off new touchpad technology that will make using the infotainment system and accessing your favorite features even easier than ever.

The model that follows the 2018 Acura RDX will be the first to come equipped with this new, more intuitive system. A single screen will replace the current dual-screen setup found in most Acura models. The current system uses a touchscreen and a dial to access many features, but for some drivers that can be confusing. New Acura cars will soon come equipped a new touchpad that will sit in the center console, easily in reach for the driver.

When you touch this electronic pad, it corresponds with an area on screen. It’s just like touching a typical touchscreen, but easier and safer for whoever is behind the wheel. You’ll be able to access audio functions, navigation data, and more information and functions easily. The new screen will also be divided into two zones, so you can display two sets of data at once.

This new feature isn’t just more intuitive. It can also help cut down on distracted driving. You don’t have to look at a screen and search for each function you need. You can just reach over and use this new touchpad controller and access the features you’re looking for. The Acura brand is always innovating.

So visit our Acura dealership near Wallingford, CT today and find a technologically advanced car that you can rely on. Whether you’re shopping for a new car or just in the market for some official Acura parts and accessories, we’re ready to assist you. We hope to see you soon!

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